2015 High Times SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup: Top 15 Edibles

Pineapple Delight Bite

Both the Pineapple Delight Bites and Blueberry Bites entered in this competition were tasty and incredibly healthy, perfect for patients seeking to stay fit while medicating. This organic, vegan, gluten-free edible is crafted with dried fruits and nuts including walnuts, pineapple, mango, goji berries, and coconut for a burst of nutrition! The 100 milligram THC content is described as fulfilling 2 – 4 doses, and I’d advise newbies to start with no more than one-quarter, or 25mg, of this treat. However, competition lab testing revealed 108.9 mg of THC, a little more than you bargained for! Judges really appreciated the healthy great taste of these nutritious edibles.

See the full Top 15 Edibles list here.

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    Is mail order possible? I must snail-mail my annual Federalized authorization of my Disabled citizen medical status. Will this authorize a disabled discount rate on my twice monthly purchases?

    Gregory Mac Crossen

    P.S. How’s the surf in Hermosa Beach? In the mid 60’s my res. was at 836 Monterey Ave. Most every morning it was a ‘walk to the beach’ for glassy waves.
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